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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Picture proof (of completion)

It's hard to get a display-worthy photo of myself - because no matter how good the garment looks, no matter how beautifully executed, well fitting, or stylishly embellished, if Somebody takes a photo that makes me look fat, or too old to live, or that displays unsightly body parts I am not going to post it. Whence this dimly lit photograph taken in the bathroom mirror, revealing all the clutter in the background. (What is that stuff on top of my washing machine?) Nevertheless - it is me wearing a completed collarless shawl collared vest. Proof of completion. I'm sure there will be another better photo and I'll share it then, but for now? Ah. For now I am knitting a clay colored dress. Ta.


  1. I love your picture!! I THINK you should come and see me with your creations and have a modeling session!! It would be FUN!!

  2. I have a camera with a timer. But I'm never happy with the pictures it takes; I wind up taking five or six shots because I have a weird expression in one, or my double chin shows in another....

  3. I usually hide when I camera comes out or volunteer to be the photographer. It's hard to take a photo of yourself but you did just fine, much better than photos I take of myself.