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Monday, September 26, 2011

What Next?

So. Now it's time to start a new project. I spent the greater part of yesterday swatching cables from the Cleckheaton tweed that I ordered from Webbs.  The more I knit with it the more I like it and sooner or later some of it has to be mine. 


There is the issue of existing stash. There is the further issue of Spirit Trail Fiber Club Oaths taken last February when I signed up for MoreYarn. A small photographic sample of the Stash-0-TheQueen displays enough yarn to knit a plain sweater, the fancy (and pricey) Shelridge Farm kit, and a shawl's worth of lace yarn.
Worse than that - it all sits upon a small set of plastic drawers full of ...
you guessed it ... Y A R N

And in that hefty buffet peeping in from the left side of that photograph is


More Yarn.

Socks thinks I don't need any more yarn. Socks is a dog, though - what does she know?

As for the Spirit Trail Club yarn - from which the baaaaad green lace came - the next thing I really want to knit from it is a sweater from this ORIHIME, a Merino/cashmere blend in shades of deep red combined with this white cashmere. I'm imagining a kind of tank top bodice in red lace - not an open lace but something like you see in the photo. A scoop neckline. Not too long.

The sleeves would be full, 3/4 length, I think, gathered into a band with a bit of ruffle below the band, done in a much more open lace. There might also be some lacy ruffle sticking out below the red bodice and at least some sort of neckline treatment in the same off-white cashmere.

There are 2 other STC yarns - one I already have a project for and one I am still pondering. So yeah. Who do I think I am contemplating More Yarn.


But I so want to do a cabled sweater in oatmeal tweed, with appliqued autumn colored leaves inside large diamonds. Besides there was this from MsHoroscope!!

September 26, 2011

If you're worried about cash, then don't be! The more worried you are the worse things are going to be. Try listening to this. And then try to carry that thought with you as you go about your days. Money is energy, like everything else, and if you worry about it, you will find yourself going down a difficult spiral. This is your time to learn this lesson, as Saturn goes through your 2nd House of Cash and challenges you in all the ways he can think of to stay positive re: money.

Help me! I'm weakening! 

Happy Monday!

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