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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Alas - I am afraid I may have to take out the whole second sleeve. I noticed the underarm join was awfully loose. I picked out a thread and tuged it to tighten things up. Then there was more looseness somewhere else. And then I couldn't find the next stitch to pull up so I thought I'd rip out everything till I got back to the first round after the sleeve cap. And then a wrap&turn looked like it had not been picked up ... but when I wrestled that onto the needle and knit it - it left a hole. And then ...

And then I had the good sense to admit that trying to knit after a 12 hour day and no dinner was probably stupid. So I put it down. But my last thought was - at this point I am going to have to frog the whole (*&$%@!# thing.

Let's hope not. but at least I did not resort to a clandestine assignation with Mr.IceCreamBox.

As Mr. Bennet says, "Let us hope for better things."

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  1. Oh...a cascade of little irritations...If it's any consolation, I left a jacket for 2 years, having just begun the second sleeve (Round Trip from Knitter's eons ago, in Noro Silk Garden) ...went merrily along till I realized said sleeve in no way resembled the first...and frogged back to the beginning of said second sleeve to start (yet) again...We're swimming in the frog pond together!