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Monday, September 5, 2011

September Sweater Progress

My Hurricane Irene pullover is behaving as predictably as the hurricane did - only much much nicer. Of course - nothing in sweater land is as predictable as something like, oh, say, weather. I've knit about 8 inches of sweater body from the underarm down so I am very close to edge treatment decision.

I spent a chunk of yesterday swatching leaf edges from my Nicky Epstein  Knitting ... the Edge books. Of course, I'm missing the middle one and secretly fear that is the book that holds the perfect edge treatment ... but I know it's not true. Anyway - when I swatched some of the bigger leaf borders they turned out to be huge! So I am going with my original idea - the small leaf border.

I'll put this along the hem and the sleeve cuffs but I have a different idea for the neckline - especially as you can see how very large the leaf border is when casting on only 8 stitches!

Looks like there is one, or at most 2, inches of sweater body to knit and then I'll go ahead and do the border. I'm ready for something a little more interesting to knit and it will be nice to have the hem out of the way so that when the sleeves are done the sweater could be worn immediately. If it is cold enough, that is. BTW the color in the knit only photos is much more true to the real color than the photo with the book and sweater. Used a flash.

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