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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weather! - Baa Humbug

 I am SO sick of this weather.

I want my crisp autumn skies.

I want to put away sandals and put on sweaters.

I want to see stars at night.

I want my dogs' fur to dry out.

 If you look at the morning weather map on the left you see a little bulge of rain up there in Ohio and Indiana. Now look at the predicted evening weather map on the right! That darn bulge has dropped down to line up with soaked and dripping Virginia. So I am asking everyone in Tennessee to start blowing and maybe they can push that stupid weather front back up north.

Okay - 'nuff complaining. At least I have a roof and heck - even satellite internet! Which is more than the library had last night. Just before 5 the Internet went down and then the main server hung. Upon the advice of my IT guy I rebooted it manually and then it wouldn't come up again. Happily, he was able to make an emergency visit before 6 and at some point last night he got it fixed. I love this guy - he's smart, fast, and reasonable - he can talk me through lots of problems without having to make a call. He's really great - but whenever we have to call him in - well

I blocked the red Spirit Trail Orihime lace swatch last night - it is sooo pretty. I'm not sure if it is heavy enough for a sweater body for me - mostly because I am a heavy sort of person. But oh la - I am so in love with it and I want to wear it as a garment, not as an accessory.  It is fun to knit and this swatch was knit using a #5 (3.75) needle. 
Ah well. 'Tis after 8. Werk is calling. Ta.

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  1. Just keep reminding yourself of all the knitting time this gives you! Hugs!