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Friday, September 9, 2011

Three Good Things

Cause - enough already. My phone is out (again - 3rd time in a month). My lane washed out a second time. I don't yet know if it survived last night's deluge. After dark it rained 4.25 inches and Jacob's Gut drains a thousand acres of soaked flat land. And it's as dank and humid as a steam bath - so not just the scent of present dog hairs, but the ghost of all dog hair past is wafting throughout the house. I swear, I don't know what I'd do without Zertec and Flonase.

Okay. I spit it out. Rant over. Because honestly there is a good side to this. Maybe a couple of good sides. In fact - yesterday was filled with Three Good Things.  First off - we have power. Blessed, comfort giving, life easing electricity - flushing toilets, keeping scant refrigerated foods cold or frozen as needed, even percolating my morning brew. There is a God and he gives us electricity!

In second place - I finished knitting the leaf border on my sweater. Ah yes - and I did not rip out the earlier leaves. I tried that sweater on once more and lo - it really wasn't too short. Lesson learned? Do not try on a garment - whether to fit it or to purchase it - after a weekend with Diet Pepsi and Cheetos. Nothing looks good on a body suffering from salt bloat. A few days away from junk food and a second fitting and that sweater was the perfect length - so I just kept on knitting those leaves and last night I grafted them together in a passable kitchner stitch. Fortunately, the seam is at the side and slightly towards the back. You will have to be stooping over to look at my derriere to pick it out. Also the seam is right between the scoop of  the original leaf, so it's not too noticeable.

I've picked up stitches for the first sleeve - that's why there is a knitting needle coiling around the armhole on the right in that first photo. I believe, though I want more width at the top of the shoulder so I may take out the bit of knitting I've done so far and do some increases right at the very top of the sleeve. That will be for a later photograph.

So. Third good thing? Neighbors! I have a wonderful neighbor who owns a front end loader and has a pile of gravel already on his property. And by 2 o'clock yesterday you could hear that diesel roar. He was packing down the fill in the not-so-grand canyon in our lane. I know. It could possibly have washed out again in the night. I wouldn't be surprised. But the fact of that good neighbor. That is one of the Best Good Things in the world. 

So. Ta. And count your blessings.

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  1. Yes, God bless good neighbours! Yours help you "shovel out" after rainstorms; mine does the same for me after blizzards. Ya gotta love 'em!

    P.S. Pretty sweater!