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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Day In Paradise

Eight more inches of rain - on top of Irene's 12 or so added to August's bountiful supply - washed my road away yet again. It's a good thing I worked my *ahem* off the first half of the week because I sure wasn't going off the farm anytime soon. I think we are done with the big storms - though there is some rain on its way tomorrow - but only a 30% chance. This weather pattern looks like it's going north of us. And since I happen to know that northern tip of the state needs rain ... it's all good.

I spent yesterday with my green sweater (I really don't intend to keep calling it the Hurricane Irene sweater) I also screwed up with the camera memory card and, though I took progress photos, they're on the camera's internal memory and I have to paw through the clutter to find the cord that connects camera to computer. Probably find it sometime today - so - Sweater Pictures coming soon.

But look at this!!!
World's largest shawl woven from spider silk

My niece posted it on Facebook and I have to share. Here's a bigger article from the American Museum of Natural History, where it's on display. It's enough to get me to drive into DC! In fact ... hmmm.... A Birthday Trip? A day trip into the Big City? Have to talk to BD about this.....  

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  1. Whoa! Have you been able to postpone completing the ark? Or are the animals lining up two by two in your yard as we speak? ;-) Good thing you have your knitting! Hope all improves soon and that the roadway can be repaired without too much difficulty.