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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baaad Sweater All Fixed

When I joined front to back at the underarms, I was just a little careless about pulling them close together so there was always a little looseness at that right underarm seam. I was also a wee bit careless when I did the pick-up round for the sleeve. Not much, but just that little bit. I can remember the twinge I felt at the time. Such a small twinge - but in hindsight it was my subconscious telling me I would be sooooreeeey. And I was. Once finished with the sleeve cap and doing the round and round knitting - every time I came to that 3-way join where the sleeve, front and back were supposed to come together that ugly looseness irritated me.

I knew I could snug this all back together again with a tapestry needle and some matching yarn but I just hated the thought of that. So much of this sweater is knit well that having a poorly knit section - even beneath my arm where really, nobody should ever look - grated on me.

I tried snugging up the seam stitch. Then pulling the pick-up tail. Then I tried to snug some surrounding stitches and as I said the other day, the more I fiddled the worse it looked. And we all know that the REAL mistake I made was trying to do anything at all when I was on a second-wind high after working an 11 hour day while running on caffeine. Duhh.

So, yesterday I picked it back up, frogged back only a little, used a crochet hook and a tiny double point to spread out the looseness in the sweater body and twisted that original looseness into another stitch, and voila!

Not perfect, but close enough for me. I don't mind snugging up this much looseness with a tapestry needle and yarn. I am now motoring down the sleeve. With luck I will get to the wrist today. I need knit only 3 leaves for the cuff treatment and the bulk of the sweater is finished. I still have hopes of completing it in a month - if not a month from the day I bought the yarn, then a month from when I cast on.

Not that that is important - that time-table thing - just - I'd like to say I knit a sweater in 4 weeks.

But already I am thinking of the Next Project. I have long lusted for an oatmeal tweed cabled sweater and I confess, I'm looking around on-line for the perfect yarn - that doesn't cost $15.98 for a 100 yard skein. Jimmy Beans Wool has Borroco's Blackstone Tweed for $10/130 yards - but that is a $100 purchase. and it has angora in it - and mohair - and will it get a halo or will it get pills after I've worn it a bit?

Webs has a sale on Gedifra Riana tweed in an oatmealy shade, but their website says it makes a subtle stripe.

 And there is this Rowan Silky Tweed in a somewhat darker than oatmeal color. Coming in at $6.49 - I could get 1500+ yards for less than $80. Hmmmm. 

Well! What do you know! Cleckheaton Country 8 ply in this color, is on sale for only 3.15! Granted, it's a 100 yd skein but I could still get 2000 for less than $70. It may be that a Birthday Order is in order.

What? Didn't I swear I would knit up all that Spirit Trail Club Yarn before 2012? Isn't it time to start knitting Christmas Socks? Don't I already have enough yarn? Well.What sort of questions are these? Who ever had enough yarn? Really. Some people ask the stupidest questions.

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  1. I understand completely, dear heart -- as only other Knitters do, eh? :-) I've gone "Cold Sheep" this year, but have managed to be allowed to buy yarn when I am spending OPM (Other People's Money) -- having just been commissioned to make a pair of pedicure socks for a friend of my daughter's. I get to shop. I briefly have more yarn in my house. I'm happy! ;-)