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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today is my birthday - I'm gonna have a good time

I love how Paul McCartney says "BUHTH day"

So in honor of my BUHTH day I'm posting some of my favorite you tube birthday clips.

A knitter's birthday

A dog lover's birthday

And because I was sort of an Annoying Orange sister

And I always try to find a Hoops & Yoyo birthday card for my mom - who always laughs when she gets them.  I love how they say "that was good" at the end.


  1. I think the above clips have said it already but - Happy Birthday!
    I especially loved the Knitter one but the corgis were cute, too. :)

  2. Hope your BUTHDAY was terrific! Did you take a ch-ch-ch-chance and get to d-d-d-dance? Have a great year!