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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Walker Treasury Project - and one more swatch option

Arcade Pattern
from The Walker Treasury Project
Thanks Diane - I like that knit and purl stitch too - and it's almost the chosen one. Almost, but not quite. Just before I left for work yesterday I was flipping through BW's Second Treasury of knitting patterns and found this one, called Arcade Pattern. Woops. Stacked atop each other around the hips and waist so that they form a gentle upwards slope - something like this only, obviously, balanced accurately along a central axis. Imagine each X in the grid representing one of the arcades.

The upper part of the sweater could be in plain stockinette (and thus easily accommodating short row darts) with a stand-up collar of one row of arcades marching around a somewhat wide crew neckline. I could put that same pyramidal arrangement of arcades around the cuffs too. Hmmm.

I love the stitch patterns in her first 2 books but I hate that they are not charted. I like being able to see the repeats instantly, not having to find them within the written directions. Sometimes the repeats are easy to locate right there between the (Rep from *) but not always. Since 99.9999999999999999999% of all my knitting is 'in the round', knowing which stitches are part of the repeat and which are add-ons needed to make a flat piece symmetrical is paramount. So. I've printed out some blank knitting graph paper from my spreadsheet program and am off to chart a stitch pattern. Back tomorrow with my own swatch, but in the mean time, have a look at The Walker Treasury Project website.

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  1. Two words come to mind when I see that pattern: Cathedral Windows. Lovely!