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Monday, October 10, 2011

It's a Blogaversary!

I was determined to post something in honor of LTQ2's one year anniversary - even though I just posted last night. It has been a packed and full year with great delights matched by equally monumental sadnesses. My world rocked when my beloved Priss died. It crashed to the ground when Daddy died. I soared above the earth peering out over the grand canyon and snuggled down tight with cousins on Chincoteague Island. I lost over an acre of trees in a September hurricane and fed birds in a January snow storm. I was able to transplant half my daffodils along the lane and traipse over new territory in White Oak Swamp after the hunters blazed paths through the undergrowth. I celebrated with more cousins at a wedding. They comforted me at a funeral. I knit a dress. I knit a sweater. I knit another sweater in 4 short weeks. I spent time with girlfriends and read several new authors. BD read me half a dozen Shakespear plays through a month of rainy weekends. I baked amazing cookies for a girlfriend's birthday. I was introduced to a new restaurant by still more cousins and I spread out crabs on the porch for them in return. We had rain. We had heat. We had cold to freeze our feet. It has been an amazing 12 months. 


  1. And I, for one, am thankful that you shared it with us! May blessings reign on your blog in the coming year, Dear Bess.


  2. Happy Blogaversary, Bess. Your blog is a pleasure to read. Hope you celebrate many more years with your good, good tale telling and writings shared.