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Friday, October 7, 2011

Two Swatches

I've always loved these richly textured all over stitch patterns in the Barbara Walker books. This one is easy - 16 stitches and 16 rows and it's nothing but ribs broken with garter stitch bands. And it's beautiful. I want scrunch it in my fingers to bite into it.   In my InnerDesignEye I can see this in a sleeve - I can almost see it in a pullover sweater body. My only concern is that it is a lot of knitting and purling. Lots of opportunities to make mistakes if I have to stay alert while knitting the approximately 60K stitches that go into a long sleeved pullover. Easy to fix, yes, but I don't think this will be brainless knitting. And to make sure it didn't ride up in front I would have to make it slightly oversized. Big Knitting in somewhat Big Yarn on a slightly Big Body? Maybe. Maybe not. But oh la! I love this stitch pattern.

Then there is this pretty cable. Running down both sides of a button band or perhaps centered with a little twisted stitch cable on either side of it - perhaps a twin running down the center back - it would be just enough to make a plain sweater interesting. A plain, almost brainless project that could be toted around. Something it would be easy to add short row bust darts to. 
The stockinette stitch and row gauge comes in at an estimated 4.5 stitches and 6.5 rows per inch - though I would block the swatch first before I cast on. The cable takes a smidge more than 7 stitches per inch. Not that it would matter much if I'm only putting in a few of them.   
So. Here I am. Still undecided. My PracticalBrain says "Oh go with the cable, silly" My FancyNancy Brain says "All over stitch pattern!" 
PB says "You'll get tired of having to concentrate and won't finish it"
FNB says "You'll always yearn for the pretty one"
PB says "You'll look like a mack truck walking down the streetn"
FNB says "You will look Celtic! and it matches your new skirt."

Ah well. There it is. My tweed yarn did NOT come in. It has 2 more days to make me happy but again - if it doesn't come in by Saturday I can always bring down the winter clothes on my Monday Holiday. 

Decisions decisions. 

1 comment:

  1. I love both! In fact, I love the knit-purl pattern so much it may go in one of the sweaters I'm noodling on now.

    The cable is lovely and a little unusual, and would be striking on a cardigan.