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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Tweedy Decision

So - I decide to cast on my Bricca and what shows up in the mail at last? Yes. The sample skeins of tweed yarn I bought because - the photo on-line and in the catalogs looked like KnitPicks just might have the exact color I was looking for. I also ordered something named Barn Door. It doesn't look like any barn door I ever saw - but it's a pretty plum color and goes very nicely with the grey tweed they make. 

But neither of the colors are what I was looking for and since the Cleckheaton is so close it's almost a bulls eye - and since I've been looking at that swatch, displayed on the buffet in the den so I can see it every time I go into that room, I've rather fallen in love with it. 

And So. And so an order to WEBBS was sent off and another box of yarn is winging its way to TheCastle. And I am asking myself   "Do I really think I can knit two cabled sweaters this fall (and winter)?"

Ah well. I have nothing if not hubris.


  1. It seems to be perfect for an Aran sweater.

  2. 'Course you can, dear heart! You have flying fingers!