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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TheQueen and her Cashmerino

Yes. TheQueen is having a difficult time with her Cashmerino yarn. Mind now - she adores touching it, knitting it, looking at it, even smelling it. But she's not exactly sure what to do with it. It's actually Cashmerino Aran - so it's a thick yarn. Not a really bulky yarn, just thick. And though I thought I wanted to knit it into an Aran sweater I can't seem to settle on the cables I want. I believe that I don't actually 'see' it with my inner design eye.

That oatmeal colored yarn that I want but haven't bought yet ... I know exactly what I want it to look like. It's actually already knit in my IDEye. Of course - that's why I want to go shopping so badly. LOL. This yarn? Not yet. I know I have to give it permission to be something else - because right now, I'm stuck. 

So, what do I know? Hmmm. I know I want a cuddlesome garment. This yarn is just too cushy and plush to create anything else. I also don't want too much bulk around the shoulders. I'm undecided between cardigan and pullover. A Central Park Hoodie type of garment might be the thing, although I don't wear hoodies. Nobody says I have to put the hood in.  It really does look pretty in cables. But I think  - yes - they need to be narrow cables. (hmmm. am I getting someplace here) I know I want seed stitch in there someplace. And I'm suddenly thinking about a diamond cable button band instead of ribbing. 

 And here we begin to see where the problems crop up. Just imagine a thick diamond cable - maybe the Hollow Oak Cable - sitting on top of another as it heaves itself up over a mountainous bosom. Yeah. not a pretty thought.  But who says the part with the button on it can't be done in something flatter? Even a tight stockinette? 

Fancy Nancy [Book]I confess I am a Fancy Nancy when it comes to design. My inclination is to make it fancier. To pile it on till disaster befalls me.  (If you have a little girl, or even just access to someone else's little princess - you really will enjoy this series) I don't particularly look good in fancy. I just like it. In fact - it was partly because my Irene sweater was so plain - mostly stockinette in the round - that I had such pleasure in it. And that's really what I'm missing now - a project that's a pleasure to make. Something that is Not Socks. I have socks going all the time - they are fun - but I get tired of tiny needles. Socks are water. Sweaters are food. I need both for knitting equilibrium.  

Well. I will give that lovely yarn today and maybe tomorrow to decide on what to make it into and then I will just look around in my stash - and perhaps go shopping - and make something else. My motto? Knit no yarn before its time. 

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