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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Short Work Weeks

I love them. Monday holiday weeks. Using comp time on a  Friday weeks. On Vacation weeks. The trick is to prepare for them so that you aren't groaning when you have to cram 5 days worth of stuff into 4 days worth of week. Last week it meant staying late a little and coming in early a little - and today is no different. I'll be on the job by 8:30 but I am good with that. I needed yesterday at home and alone to haul down from the attic the winter wardrobe. Not that I can haul up the summertime wardrobe. We're promised days approaching 80 degrees this week and nary a frosty morn in sight. But this isn't Florida and breezy summer cottons just look funny against the autumn leaves. 

Autumn colors are coming in slowly this warm fall. It will be interesting to see how they progress. Some of the trees are so beat up from the hurricane they probably will just get brown and drop off but I'm glad to see the maples and black gums are full of color. And there is nothing lie autumn light to make a pretty white dog gleam.

These lacy fuzzy trees are cyprus - which usually turn copper - though this year some of them are more yellow. I took these photos Sunday when BD and I (and Jack) walked all over White Oak Swamp. There were about forty gazillion mosquitoes but I went prepared, fully sprayed and well shod - which was a good thing since we came upon 2 snakes - a black racer and my very first live copperhead. A weird looking baby snake that was so flattened out I wonder if he was about to shed. Not more than 7 inches long, I got two photos of him

There are almost as many acorns this year as mosquitoes and they're big! Lots of squirrels next spring, I'm guessing.

There's so much water everywhere in the swamp and BD says once the leaves drop, whatever wetness there is will be there till springtime. Last year was such a dry winter we could scramble all over the place but I suspect - after 25 inches of rain, that won't be the case this winter. Ahh well. That's why it's called White Oak Swamp.

So. It's back to werk for this gal - but there are More Days Off up ahead! Yippee.

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