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Monday, January 23, 2012

Technology Overload

Originally written last week but too overwhelmed to post - and - No. I haven't knit that little neckband on Brica. I haven't knit anything all week. I am blaming it on Technology Overload, with some justification, too, but not with an entirely honest heart. Yes. The library goes live with it's eBooks on February 1 and I still can't get my Nook to open up the borrowed book I loaded onto it. Their website gives you clear directions. Just didn't work on my apparatus. Chat-boxing with Mary from Adobe was interesting and she gave me a nice set of instructions. They didn't work either. The work order guy from India had another set of instructions. They didn't work. If I had this problem, my patrons will too - so ... we have issues. I've tossed problem out among some consortium buddies in the hopes that they have solved this problem. Not good. And I still have to teach my staff.

And then there is Kindle. Let us hope this works more easily than the nook/adobe pathway. Amazon is actually manipulating this process behind the scenes of the consortium website. There are also the two new web pages that have to be created on our library website. oh yes. and the eBooks loaded into our catalogs.

At the same time, my phone died. I always by $10 phones (which, I believe, are now only available in the $15 version). I have to pick a new one and get to know it all over again - and of course - it has to be something my Luddite husband can figure out too. This is the guy who no longer turns on the DVD player because the buttons aren't where they were on the last remote we had - and besides, he just gets angry that the wide screen does not fill up with a movie - unless he's willing to watch everything with extra wide faces and short squatty legs. Which he isn't.

And oh gawd my brain is exploding.

So. No. I haven't really been in the mood to knit the neckband onto a sweater whose shoulders do not promise to make me happy. They might make me happy - but they might not.

Mind now,  I enjoy technology - it's just that I'm overwhelmed and crunched by deadlines. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


  1. if it overdrive, the kindle option is VERY easy on the patron end - at least if it's set up like the local public library - you add the book to the cart, "check out" and then click a button that takes you to amazon to borrow the book, and it's the same one click send to kindle that kindle owners will be used to. (I know as a librarian I ought to be concerned about the privacy issues, because all patrons may not realize that this means Amazon knows what you read, but given everything I've been reading I'd have ended up having to purchase - most likely from Amazon, I figure they already were going to know that)

    Now if only our academic library ebook vendors would go kindle - I went with kindle over nook for the number of free books available (generally more on kindle than nook), but I hate that I can't load any of our ebooks to it.

  2. I have no clue, I confess, about e-books. I read the paper kind, or listen on tape or CD or an audio download, so I can't help you there. As for phones, I have only a 'land line' -- the kind I can't take farther than my backyard and still get a connection. My DVD player is lonely now, as my television died a year ago, and I've not replaced it. about a hug? :-)

  3. Deadlines are not nice to have to deal with. There will always be glitches, especially when dealing with techno-gizmos. I offer another hug.