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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hats Off - Or Perhaps Hats On - to Hats

One of my favorite bloggers, E, over at Fillyjonk's Progress  is also having her hat moments and in her most recent post she wished she had more occasions to wear hats. ... Wear More Hats - sounds like a slogan. I believe I need a bumper sticker. I believe there is always a reason to wear a hat. Of course, large brimmed hats fight with compact cars so I usually leave mine on the seat and wear it only from the car into whatever building I am entering - but there are enough times when I am outside, walking, and my hat is appropriate. And those velvet bucket hats and cloches can be worn in the car - so there is really no excuse for a woman to go hatless.

It takes some chutzpah to wear one the first time or two - but after a while you'll get known as the hat lady. Someone once told me he knew I was at a funeral because he saw my hat. Myriad women have sighed and told me they wished they could wear hats but that they look terrible in them.  I always reply that there is a hat that looks good on every face. I suppose I should have prefaced that with "Many hats are butt ugly on my face" because most of the time my compliment-er  just shakes her head in disbelief.

Hats that are ugly on me?

Most cloches - only those with either unusually high crowns or with an extend flaring brim work with my  chipmunk cheeks.

Almost any baseball cap, painter's hat or newsboy cap

Hat by Decky, sold on Amazon
Those lumber jack hats or the Andean ones in elaborate knitted colorwork - or any hat with ear flaps. At my age, the jowls do not need attention drawn to them. 

I suspect the huge poke bonnets of the 1820's would also no longer work on a face that has gazed out upon a certain number of years and since these hats really are extreme - it would be difficult to wear them with modern clothes. But oh sigh. They are soooo beautiful. But I could imagine owning a coat that would work with this hat  ...

Ahh well. It is almost 8 on a Monday morning and the work week beckons. I leave you with this one final link - to an absolutely marvelous website on making period clothing - including hats!  Denise Nadine Designs. The whole site is worth wandering through if you have any interest at all in clothing, costume, history, hats ... I am inspired to host a hat making workshop as a fundraiser ... absolutely too cool. Got to talk to the local museum about this.

And now - it is off to werk for me. Ta.

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