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Friday, January 27, 2012

Knitting Infidelity

It's true - with only scant inches to go on Brica I cast on with the Cascade 220 just to see, you know? It doesn't mean a thing. I swear it, I was just curious.

It's true, too - I feel so guilty about abandoning Brica at the altar that I am always taking the new knitting along and leaving the chart behind so I can't knit on it - I guess the truth goddesses are trying to make me be faithful.

But I really will finish that sweater. I promise. I'll do better. I'll do better with blogging too - once I get through this patch of busy-ness that is January.

There is good news on the technology front - I got the help I needed with the EReader, I train my staff today, we go live on Wednesday but we'll let it seep into peoples' consciousness for a week or two before we do the big publicity push.

I'll get around to ordering a new phone too - but cell phones rank low on my list of priorities. I need a new one - especially with my aged mother who was ill enough this week to need hospitalization. (She's better, btw) But I am in the same 2 places most of the time and both of those places have land lines.

And of course right in the middle of all this stuff I took a day off to go lingerie shopping. Ever since I watched that first episode of How To Look Good Naked  I've wanted to be fitted by a bra whisperer so a few weeks ago I wrote to Laruen DeLoach, the fashion columnist in the Richmond Sunday paper (just in case she actually lived in Richmond) and asked if she knew who the best bra fitter in Richmond was. She recommended the folks at Blythe which, technically, is in Henrico, at Short Pump across from that vast sprawl of brick shopping,  on the south side of Broad Street. She also said don't try to shop there on Saturday, but I didn't need that advice. A Master Shopper, I know that Tuesday or Thursday mornings are the best times to get super personal attention anywhere.

At my age it takes a little guts to go talk bra fitting with sylph-like twenty somethings in size zero clothes, but Anna was enormously helpful, knew the stock inside and out and brought me dozens of pieces to try on so I could be sure I got what I really wanted. I wore my new acquisition out of the store and let me tell you - there is nothing but nothing quite so wonderful as strolling around in new undergarments that fit you to a T. mmm mmm I was walking tall all day long.

The shop doesn't have a website but they do have a facebook page here.  And for the curious, you can see what I bought here.

And now? Now it's Friday. Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday

Why yes. I do plan to knit a little this weekend. Why would you ask?

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  1. Really? Well just call me Plain Jane then... ;-)