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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ouch! Back to Werk!

Good thing I love what I do - cause I am totally spoiled with this vacation stuff. Lingering over the computer in the morning - doing yoga when I want, walks through the woods during the afternoon sunshine or early evening sunsets ... all those things have to be saved for the weekend now - but then - there are adventures up ahead at the library this month. For one thing - we're adding circulating E-books for the nook'n'kindle folk. Then there are some Web Two Oh things I really want to add to our library website, including a genealogy page. It's going to be a techie January for me.

Alas - I did not finish Brica. There is a miscalculation with the decreases into the sleeves  - I was making the decreases every other round and I really needed to do that ever third round. I suspected this when I had only a few inches to rip out and stupidly continued knitting. Now I have a lot of inches to rip out - but a-frogging I must go. Ah well. There was no deadline on this thing. I can finish it over the next 2 weeks and still get 6 weeks of wear out of it. Of course, I'm itching to cast on the oatmeal Aran and the ab-fab stranded colorwork jacket - and I will give myself permission to doodle on paper with numbers and colors - but there will be No Stitches Before Their Turn - even IF all the astrologers agree - the next 3 weeks are truly auspicious for Starting New Things.

I shall save some of that for my weight issues - which everybody, including TheQueen, deals with in January. In my case, it's not as bad as all that. I am starting 2012 more zephyr-like than I have for oh - maybe - 5 years - but I am nowhere near where I want to be. Happily - not a magazine, newspaper, or publisher's list exists that isn't chock-a-block full of Healthy Eating Advice. Besides - I go to Weight Watchers and am actually rather enjoying it. I'm not much of a joiner or a clubber sort of person - but I really REALLY like their newest plan. It's pretty much South Beach without the meanness of the south beach author - who's book I have read, er, worse, listened to -  but who's name I have forgotten because he sounded so nasty. Both of my doctors really encourage south beach I can get it delivered from WW in language I won't be offended by.

Still and all, I have only given WW a lick and a promise. I'm quite close to goal - I've dithered around almost a year - I keep hearing the leader asking "are you going to pay that $10 a week for the rest of your life?!?"  She did not say this to me, rather, she quoted her husband talking to her, but I love it! My kind of kick in the pants. And the answer is "no." So for at lest as long as  Mars is going forward in my house of ... what? Git-It-Done? I believe I shall give WW my full attention.

Time to take off - time to soar ... also time to get ready for work. Ta.

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