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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New New Year, New New Day, New New New Two Zero One Two

While I love antiques and I love old houses, old music lines my CD shelves, and old friends warm my heart. But when it comes to time - I love me some New. A New Day always feels sweet in the morning. A New Week means I can take huge steps forward on some project or another. A New Month and you can make a real change in your routine. A New Year!?! The possibilities seem endless.

But before I dash away from the  old year, I like to take a look back. And with this year - with the monumental changes I've been through - wow - it's worth a look. 

Because there was January - when I had laryngitis - oh my - silence from TheQueen- and I completed my first (so far my only) knitted dress.

And there was February - when I took my HCJ with me on a visit to beloved W&C's island house on Chincoteague - and where the nicest state trooper let us off with a warning about our expired inspection sticker because I was laughing so hard at my stupidity.

And March - when I had the first Mean Girl experience I can remember since I was in elementary school  and when we went to the Picasso exhibit in Richmond

April brought a library function AND a trip to the Grand Canyon, on which we learned to write down the lot number and aisle location when you're leaving your car in long term parking.  

May seemed to be filled with parties - parties parties parties - and time spent with beloved cousins. And the first of the Farmer's Markets 

June struck us with the first of the great losses when our precious dog Priss had to be put down. Paralyzed by a tumor on her spine we said goodbye to her while we stroked her with gentle loving hands. 

July was worse when my Daddy died  
And yet

Throughout both of those months there was loving and goodness and oh - so much more on this side of the veil to hold me up through the long hard slog of adjusting to great loss. 

August felt like a haze to me but my wonderful staff held things together and the month had its own treasures too - like a visit to the Faberge display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - and surprises - like an earthquake AND hurricane in the same week! 
September - ah well. September is birthday month - which makes everything just right - and it included a wonderful dinner with favorite author Brad Parks - fundraising for the library. And I knit a whole sweater in 4 weeks!

October BD and I celebrated 40 years of life together - AND visited friends in NYC ... a visit which included a Night at the Opera.

November - why - Thanksgiving of course and a quest for the perfect coconut cake.

December - 31 days of absolute Christmas bliss

Yup. A monumental year has just flowed behind me. What in the world will the next 366 days hold? Won't it be fun to find out?


  1. A lovely retrospective entry, Bess. Here's to the new year!

  2. May you have an even happier and blessed year in 2012, dear heart!


  3. All the best for a happy and healthy 2012!