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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Shopping Never Ends

A trip into the city yesterday gave me the opportunity to get a birthday present for someone at work. We all pool a little bit, when birthday's come around, and gift each other. Can I help it if I have a weakness for hiring Aquarians? LOL  That's not exactly true - there is now only one Aquarius working with us, but once there were 3!!! Plus my mama, and S, and my college bff! 

Anyway, I managed to snap up a bargain for TheQueen too - who has been looking to replace her red winter hat, because her old one was attacked by m***s last summer. I'm fairly careful with sweaters and yarn during our long, buggy summers and I do box my hats - but I see now that I shall have to box them with repellents from now on. I like a new hat - what (hat) woman doesn't - but I don't like having to buy them. They're too expensive and too difficult to find. 
I had hoped that last spring's royal wedding would have sparked a greater spate of hat opportunities, as an earlier one did in the 1980's. I did find one of those head band fascinator hats - very chi chi - cute even on an old face - but fortunately for my budget, it was the wrong brown to go with my brown coat. It was really a suit hat anyway not a coat hat. Cocktail hats? Isn't that what they are called? Still wool felt, but very fine gauge and heavy with buckram.  It really was cute though. You could talk me into wearing one sometime. Where oh Where is a good millinery shop? Sigh.

But here are a couple of on-line sources worth a peep.

Satin Ribbon ( page 10-15 ) KaKyCo   with a nice array of well trimmed wool felt hats that won't break the bank.
white cocktail hat Fascinatorhat dot com, an undeveloped website, has a very good page on making your own. 

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