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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Will it snow?

That's what the weather dot com guys are saying and yesterday, an entire wall of bread was missing from the shelves at the grocery store. I shop at Walmart (yeah, I know, but it's closer than FoodLion and those are my only choices) which is a store that often has unstocked shelves - such a far cry from the Walmart of the 1990's - but no bread? Absolutely none? at least, along the wall that sells the white bread - which, no, I don't buy, so for me it was not an issue - but ... all of it gone? Just what sort of weird idea do people around here have of the depredations 3 inches of snow are going to cause?

Ahh well. If you're going to devote an entire television channel to weather you had better make all weather sound life threatening. Severe thunderstorms? yeah - that means wind and rain. sheesh.

I would really rather get this snow say, next Thurday night after LD gets here - but I will take snow whenever I can. I heart snow and Christmas snow is the best. It's been about 10 degrees colder this month that it often is, but this cold isn't unheard of ...just more rare than common. We're burning a lot of firewood but there's more where that came from. (says the gal who doesn't cut it, stack it or bring it in.)

Still and all - if I'm going to be home early today (which I probably will) there is some shopping I'd like to do too - actually there's shopping I was going to do - so I'll just leave early and get it done before work.

Happy Snowy Thursday - may you get extra knitting time today.

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  1. We got snow yesterday, but then again, I live in Canada. In Winter! :-) Actually, I was 2 1/2 hours' drive south of here, and didn't hit snow until I was (usually) 40 minutes from home. Those last 40 took 90 because of snow and blowing snow. Near white-out in spots. Ick! But I prayed, and drove slowly and didn't try to pass anyone -- and I'm here to write about it.

    Happy Winter!