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Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow plus Vacation plus Knitting = HEAVEN

 It snowed all day yesterday, making a curtain of white flutter in every window. Since it was Sunday we had our weekly pile of pancakes, for the guys, smothered in sorghum molasses, for me in regular syrup. Then it was bundle up and go out to investigate the wintery forests. I love it here in eastern Virginia, where there is an understorey of holly trees. Our West Woods has such old ones that they actually tower themselves, though they're topped by majestic pines and ancient hardwoods. I never cease to marvel at how snow transforms a forest and I always get the feeling I'm walking in a Christmas card, even if the month is February or March!
 Every branch seems like snow lace - every surface is transformed into something out of Narnia. Bundled up humans move with wide swinging arms, stuffed tight with sweater sleeves and vested tummies.
We couldn't capture this in the photo, though we certainly look snowy and happy, but we were standing beneath a vaulted holly cathedral of white topped glossy green leaves. Brrrr.

I can see out the French doors that the sky is clearing and cold north winds are shaking the snow frosting off the bare limbs in our yard trees. It's Monday. I'm on vacation. I'm just not sure how I will spend this day but I'm sure it will include some knitting. I realized last week that I'll be teaching a sock class in January in a store across the river and I don't have a sample sock for the store to display. I picked up a ball of (be prepared - hold your breath) acrylic sock yarn to knit a sample sock. I don't usually 'do' acrylic anything but this is what the shop sells. It was not too bad. It is certainly a color that I think people will be tempted by. It went fast because it was knit on #3 needles.

But today - ahh today. Today I get to bring out my Soho Smocked Dress and work on her a while. Maybe 2 inches more of smocking and I will begin the skirt. Photos coming soon.

So -  what is the Day After Boxing Day called?


  1. I don't know what it is elsewhere but here in Waimate it was Rodeo Day. No, we didn't go. We used to when the children were young but once you've seen two or three rodeos they all look the same. Unless you are really into them, of course. The day was quite hot but very cloudy - a perfect day to get some knitting done once I had the house finally cleaned of all the pre-Christmas mess that had built up. Today, the day after the day after Boxing Day (now, what do you call THAT day? - it is still a holiday, here, too) is quite cool and wet. The farmers should be pleased as we were bordering on drought conditions and have already had a small forest fire on the hills above the town just before Christmas. Another knitting day! Yay!

    I do love all of your snow pictures, though. We don't get snow like that here but it would be lovely to experience it just once.

  2. The sock colors certainly are pleasant.
    You whipped that sample up rather quickly. I need to knit more socks.

    We've been snowed-in here. For me, it doesn't really matter since bed rest is still my way of life. I took some pictures but can't get them to upload.

    Looking forward to seeing dress pictures!