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Friday, December 17, 2010

We Got Snow!!

With all the frosty goodness you want when white flakes start to fall. It's been unusually cold this month - about 10 degrees colder than we tend to expect around here, though I well remember some Christmases in the 60's and in the 80's when we had lots of cold and lots of snow. And truly - it's only cold here, not arctic. Yesterday's pretty blanket of white tempted me outdoors for a walk with the dogs through the frosted woods.

Come walk withPriss
Best of all, the county shut down at noon so I got a long sweet afternoon off to enjoy all this whiteness and to work on Christmas presents and cards. Somehow, between now and tomorrow afternoon I have to clear off the dining room table (my Santa's Workshop) so that I can clutter it all up again with Christmas tree decorations, for tomorrow is Tree Day here at TheCastle. I always put my tree up on the weekend before Christmas. I might be convinced to put it up 2 weekends before if Christmas were on a Monday - I don't remember - but I only want the tree in the house for a short while. I like Big Trees and anything that comes into our packed, tightly arranged Castle causes enormous disruption in the traffic flow. I love me a tree but I don't want to be stumbling around it for weeks and weeks. 10 days is nice - more than that is a burden. 

Alas. While traipsing out in the woods, though, I twisted that weak ankle - the one I wrenched last week. It's not an enormous problem but it's tender and it hurts and I will spend most of today sitting and keeping it elevated and, probably wishing I were at home knitting. I really do have fuzz brain right now. 

Noble Jack
And speaking of knitting - I am moving on down the bodice of that Soho Smocked Dress - more than half way through the smocked part - and I've used surprisingly little yarn. I'm just about through Ball #7. It may be that I over bought the yarn - but this is yarn I will be pleased to have in my stash. And of course - the skirt is likely to take miles more yarn than the bodice. It flares as it falls to the hem. I'll have new photos up after the weekend.

There has been a new addition to the Bird Family - one of the library volunteers made me this dear little felt bird. 

The rest of the Bird Family is most welcoming and I'm sure they're telling this nestling all about the wonderful time she'll have now that Christmas is coming. 


  1. We don't get snow. At least not down here in the coastal plain. There's plenty on the mountain tops east of here. Can't see it right now because we do get rain and we're getting plenty of it this weekend. Patrick is wishing for a bird for Christmas.