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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is Coming and Saturn is in my 2nd house

And I am so far from ready it isn't funny. And of course, when a big holiday event looms, no matter how eagerly anticipated and joyously longed for, all the rest of life goes on as well. Nothing new there. A  WHOLE lot has happened in my life this weekend, though, and I'm just not ready to sift it and pat it and shape it with letters yet. Just know it's all good. BD got a good report from the eye doctors on Monday. I still haven't drawn my Christmas card cartoon. I have zero knitted gifts finished. Three Big New Assignments plopped on my desk at work. (thank goodness, one of them is done and one I was able to pass on to somebody else) Oh yes. And Saturn is in my second House of Finances - thanks a lot Saturn. He'll be here for 2 years so I guess I better get used to him, but my goodness - it was easier when he was in my House of WerkWerkWerk - 'cause having Saturn in your house of finances doesn't mean you're being showered with dollar bills. It means you have to catch them and put them back where they belong. Yikes!

Later this week a better blog post will be written. Not today. Today I'm knitting a Christmas gift. Ta.

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