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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Somebody is getting cashmere mitts for Christmas

No - not me, alas, unless ... yoo hoo ... any of my knitting friends out there? ... I like hand knitted gifts ... wanna knit me a pair?

But right now I have set aside my beloved Soho Smocked Dress (one more row and I begin the smocking part) to do some rapid Christmas knitting and I've cast on a pair of Main Morning Mitts in that marvelous Hunt Valley Cashmere Yarn. This is more of a DK weight than Clara's pattern calls for but it only needed a few more 3 stitch repeats to make a nice, size small mitt for my dainty friend. Funniest of all - yesterday she said to me "If you're wondering what to give me for Christmas, I need some gloves." Am I psychic or what?

I am having withdrawal over setting down my Soho dress - especially since I know exactly what I'm gong to do next and I know the dress fits beautifully and I'm going into the part where fit won't matter as much - for me, fit is always about the shoulder/bust area since that's where my body deviates from standard. But the MMMs are quick knits and cashmere is always a pleasure to knit ... they'll be done in a day or two.

Of course I have the Christmas Card marathon to do next - and do not groan or pity me. I HeartHeartHeart Christmas Cards. I love to get them. I love to send them. I love to select them, draw them, address them, and most of all, I love to ponder each person as I fill out the card and send her, or him, or them, a hug and a kiss. Christmas cards are as important to me as the tree - which we will seek and cut and haul and decorate ... weekend after this coming one. Yes. We still go out into the woods and find the perfect tree. We own a lot of woods. We like spruce pines.

okay okay - I better stop nattering here and actually go knit on those mitts, but as a final word, I really want to recommend today's Knitters Review Post, where Missy C reviews her top picks for luxury one skein wonder-worthy yarns. #2 in the list, right after the hundred dollar qiviut is J's Spirit Trail lace weight Nona! 

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