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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The S Word

Yes. Today the weather dot com guys used the S word. In spite of the fact that it was followed by Flurries and I think the words Chance Of were tucked in there somewhere, SNOW is in the air. Somewhere. And is there anything more magical than snow at Christmastime?

Ah well. I have just pulled back the curtains and I see the sky is mostly clear and a wicked bad wind is blowing outside - but even a snow tease is exciting for me. I've actually been in the Christmas mood for weeks now and I see I had better get busy and do those Christmas things that you have to start early or I'm gonna be caught off guard. Last year I waited way too long to get wreathes for my front door and almost didn't get any. I have double front doors so I need small ones and I like fresh greens and no. I don't make them.  I take plain green ones and embellish them but I don't make them. I don't enjoy it. But the fruit stand on 360 in Central Garage makes the worlds best small ones. We drive by there tomorrow and I'll stop in and get two.

And in this frosty air I believe it's time to pull out the Christmas CDs. We have about 50 of them, counting things that don't get put away every January - like the Christmas Concerto by Corelli, or Tchaikovsky's nutcracker (that happens to be on the same disc as the 1812 overture - how about some canons!) And the ubiquitous Messiah. That's an Easter piece as well, you know. But the Gene Autry and the Mills Brothers and Michala Petri on the recorder and the Vienna Choir boys of, oh, hmm. probably 1980. they come out today!

Well, well, there are a lot of things I better get doing if I want my Christmas to be everything I like. I attended the first Christmas Party of the season last night and had a delicious time. It reminded me that it's time to make my white fruitcakes and get them in their rum bath. Best get hopping.

Sweet Sweet Sunday to you all.

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