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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Week of Springtime

 For the past week we've had nothing but beautiful springlike weather. Days between 70 and 85, nights merely a crisp 45-50.  Most of the days have contained clear blue skies though there have been some clouds. No rain, though, except for the thunder storm that passed south of us on Thursday. This weather has brought out the first of the springtime blossoms - both the cultivated types and the wee wild things. 
Collage from Crime Wine and Dine 2The past week also contained a lot of Big Stuff in the Life-0-th'Queen. There was a Weekend with a Writer event on Tuesday. These have gotten easier as the Friends have learned more about whom to ask and what sorts of help is out there when they put on library functions. The most fun of this party was having my sister come and stay the night. We're planning a joint family vacation - our first ever - and we had lots to talk about. Besides, it was fun to get together when there was No Family Crisis to deal with.

Not Pete but from those early days
There was also a funeral last week. We bid goodbye to an old old friend - someone who had been out of our lives for a very long time - though never out of our hearts. Pete was the first person I met down here who wasn't close kin. It was Pete who introduced us to the younger set, since in those days nearly all BD's family was 60+. He also got us a fabulous deal on exterior plywood - at builder's price. He worked as a contractor. He helped us put up the yurt, dined with us around a campfire, invited us to swim in front of his home, and once he saved my Precious Angel Baby Darling Only Son's life. Pete will live in my heart FOREVER.

We had dinner with beloved friends on Saturday - and managed to sidestep the basketball game between VCU and whoever else was playing. (not  a sports fan here) but we did get captured by the police sobriety checks (2 of them!!!!) set up on 360 coming out of Richmond in honor of both St. Patrick's Day and March Madness. The first guy asked me if I'd had anything to drink that evening, to which I answered truthfully, yes, a few hours ago. The second one just told me to remember to get my drivers license renewed in September.

And now it's Monday. MondayMondayMondayMondayMonday.

Yes there is knitting but I am at a tricky place so .... no photos. But soon. I promise.

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  1. Loving your spring photos here, as I sit under a Snowfall Warning and wonder if and when it's actually going to hit!

    P.S.: Hugs and sympathy on the death of your dear friend.