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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Official First Day of Spring

 It rolled in wrapped in fog. Not a heavy blanket, but a cloudy shawl of misty air accented by the tracery of barely leafed out treetops. The temperature is warm enough but a walk outside will quickly dampen your clothes and leave your skin chilly. Dogs come in with cool moist fur. The spring songbirds don't like this wet weather so the yard is silent, minus their territorial singing and amorous flirtations. It is a quiet still morning that encourages you to roll over and sleep just a few more minutes.

I have an artist cousin who is drawn to these misty landscapes  and watery scenes. I imagine him traipsing through the early mornings with his camera, capturing inspiration with a click.

Today the weather dot com guys are hinting at actual rain - which will be particularly welcome for those beginning to feel effects of pollen. Love truly is in the air right now - plant love. When the sun is out you can hear bees and other hummers zooming about like so many miniature aircraft. Now, though, the mist that hides the low angle of the sun whispers hush hush. Go back to bed.

I wish I could. I hope you can. But if you can't - then take this grey soft wet peace with you throughout the day. Pull it around your shoulders and just see how many barbs and zings it can deflect. Softly softly glide through this first day of spring.  

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