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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Joy Of Napping

Whew. Double Whew. It has been like that around here - not so much in TheCastle, but within TheRealm. I am going to blame it on the Grand Trine or the sun moving into Ares or the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter - but it doesn't matter what's the cause. I still have to plow through it all. And for some reason, I feel like I have a lot of help surrounding  me. Well. Not for "some" reason. I asked for help - from my spiritual helpers, from God, from friends, from family. So even though this is a very delicate and yet full and fat time, there's some real fun involved as well as a strengthening sense of satisfaction whenever I make a wise step forward.

It isn't just me, either, since Other Loved Ones are going through similar experiences. It's just ... WHEW. In fact, I'm so full of whew that today, at last, a full weekend at home in TheCastle, I plan to take a nap.

I've always been one for a nap. When I was little, nobody had to make me lie down. No Jack-in-the-box toddler here. As part of the bulge in the wave of baby boomers, I only went to school half days till I was in 3rd grade. There just weren't enough classrooms and teachers for us all. As old as 7 I'd come home at lunch time and crash for an afternoon nap. I still think of sleep as a recreational activity - perhaps because it allows me to step into the alternative world of dreams. Whatever the reason, I love me a good nap.
Euphorbia pestilentia
I don't always get a weekend nap and I don't even always need one. This week, though, has been packed with difficult tasks and new routines; some actually scary.  There has been news on the parental front as well - and sister and I are starting the hunt for a skilled nursing home for mama next week. Mama's not ill - she's just too old to live in assisted living any more. Too inert, too frail, too helpless.  crumbs. I didn't get to sleep on Thursday night till it was Friday and I was up early for an important meeting only a few hours later. Yup. I'm exhausted. I need a nap.

Finding time to take a good nap is something else again. But today? Sweet happy today? I have Saturday and Sunday at home - there's only some housework to do - my guys cut and raked the lawn for me yesterday - and later on it's supposed to rain. So when all the work is done, I'm going to soak in a warm bath, pull the sheets back and snuggle down for a sweet nourishing replenishing nap. Ahhhh.

Before I go, though, I wanted to share some springtime images from around the yard - just because.


When not napping - why not sit here?

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