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Saturday, March 3, 2012

I swear I didn't see this

Yes it has been a long time since I've posted. February was a crotchety month for TheQueen. She thinks it is because she didn't have a knitting project to work on - since, as a classic ENFP, she was so close to finishing Brica. Also she was anxious about the annual audit at work. In addition, there is a Castle Renovation project, requiring Compromise between the Royal Couple. Alas. Royal Compromise can also produce royally bad eating habits, creating tight crowns and robes, as TheQueen and her companion make numerous trips to plumbing houses and giant home improvement stores. TheQueen had no idea there were so many lavatory faucets, nor that so many of them were so very ugly. In fact, there had never been a Royal Opinion about lavatory faucets beyond desiring enough clearance to put her Royal Head beneath the spout in order to wash Her Royal Hair. Add all these demands together and you have unavoidable Royal Crotchetiness. At least, that's her story and it's mine too. 

But, to quote Disrali, "Time is the great physician" and with the flip of a calendar page I can turn February into March. My motto for March is "It will be better now".  And you are not to think February was all bad - much of it was a delight as I explored cute animation sites like xtranormal,  visited beloved cousins in Bedford, and learned how to use the eBook  collection at the library

I even ordered some Louisa Harding Jasmine yarn to make a spring top - this after so many surprisingly warm days I couldn't believe there was any winter left. I purchased just a little - enough to make a tank top intending to knit it up in one of those lovely Barbara Walker lacy patterns and last weekend cast on a swatch of this Candle Flames stitch from her first book. (the blue one). I wanted a bit of lace but not enough to require a camisole when wearing. This is for summertime and our summers are

So you can imagine my slightly chagrined surprise when a library patron brought me the latest copy of Interweave Knits - the spring issue - and asked me what I thought of this!

I will tell you - I like it - obviously. It's proof that I have a good eye for design. Right? But ... what do you know - huh.  I thought I was being so creatively clever. And alas, after ordering this closeout color - I am now just hoping I bought enough. I think I'll order some more. It's a particularly nice yarn to knit with  - cotton, bamboo, silk with a little polymide.

And that is what is happening with TheQueen. She (and I) promises to do better this month - because March Will Be Better. 

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