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Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend Festivities

I'm feeling particularly festive today - because it's Friday. Because there is a reception for an artist at the library this afternoon. Because there is a wine tasting at the cute little wine shop in town All About Wine.  They have a tasting almost every Friday night and I seldom miss them. I swing by and pick up my friend Lisa and we explore new tastes.  I seldom leave empty handed. In fact - I have never left empty handed. There is always something that needs to come home with me. I'm keeping a list of the wines my family has loved the most along with the food I paired with them.

While on Prince Street (where the action is)

it's just a few steps down to the Tappahannock Artists Guild Gallery   which will be open late tonight. We have a rather staggering number of good artists in the area and there is always something new and beautiful to see inside. It's a fledgling organization and I hope it has great success because it certainly is a welcome attraction to the community.

All this is but the prelude to tomorrows first farmer's market of the year. An intrepid and dedicated group of volunteers has developed the market from a small 3 month project in 2010 to a delightful three season celebration. The excitement and anticipation everyone feels as we wait for the first market to open, the basket laden booths full of flowers, produce - even locally caught fish and locally produced meats and cheeses, makes shopping for groceries feel like a party.

So - though the past month or so has felt like I've been running in molasses - the sulfered kind at that - I am expecting this first festive weekend of the play-time season to wipe all that away. I'm ready to play like a kid again.

Hope you are too.

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  1. Your weekend sounds glorious! Wine! Food! Art! What could be better? Hugs!