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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rain at last and some anniversary photos

We have been promised 36 hours of rain which started yesterday late in the day. Glad it waited till the farmers market was packed up and carted away but even gladder that it is coming in waves of showers so that the dry soil on top isn't being washed away before it can soak up enough to get too heavy for serious erosion. This is thanksgiving rain for sure. 

I could wish to lay about all day in the rainy-ness snuggled with books and maybe a little knitting. (been suffering from some tendinitis in my left wrist so I haven't knit much lately - just dabbed at a few UFOs) I could be happy watching the entire Colin Firth version of P&P or even back to back MIB movies. I could take an afternoon nap, even. 

I shan't though.  Today I head to Richmond to do family business with sister. Mama has to move into skilled nursing and we have found a place we think she will like. but we have to tell her today and we want to do it together. So. Off to the city I go in the pouring rain - let us hope I can get home before the big winds blow up. I think I can. 

The farmers market was fun yesterday - but nobody had any broccoli yet. Lots of pretty lettuce and some beautiful cabbages and strawberries galore. But no broccoli. Fortunately - the way home from the city is past a good grocery store - I can pick up broccoli, mushrooms, good cheese and bacon - and we can have the last Oyster Pie Rappahannock of the season as April winds up the R months. 

Our Anniversary Ramble never did take me to the old parts of Hampton Roads but we got close to the water several times and here are a few photos - starting with a kiss.


  1. Wonderful photos of a happy celebration! And I do hope all went well when you broke the news to your mama... Hugs!

  2. How lovely and lush! Never thought that broccoli had a season; out here on the left coast it's usually a winter crop, planted after the tomatoes are done.