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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Knitting Mojo Boogied On Down to Tara

Sometimes you've got it - and sometimes ... well ... maybe you still have it but you can't find it. My own has twinkled away lately and I am blaming the combination of hitting a tricky math spot in my current project and the generally chaotic and stressful recent retrograde of Mercury AND Mars. (a.k.a.  new technology and recent budget process) Work has been more emotionally draining the past 3 weeks than at any time since we built the new library - and this little sauce of finance complexity was poured over the plate of full of New Technology I had to digest in Jan. and Feb. It ain't over yet, neither! But the horoscopers promise me that with both M and M moving forward ...

Things will be better ... at Tara.

In the mean time my knitting projects sit unloved, unremembered and mostly un-knit. With which I am, for the most part, okay - except for one thing. I don't like riding in a car without a knitting project. I know this all the time, at some deep place within my psyche, but I often forget it till I find myself in the passenger seat with nothing to knit. This happened last night and TheQueen did not like it at all. It'll happen next week, in fact, and I am wondering if I can push through the technical problem in my current project in time to knit on it then or if I should cast on yet another. Or should I pull out some unfinished socks and knit through to the toes?

Knitters Review had some suggestions a few weeks ago, but a goodly number of them involved inventorying your stash or your UFOs and I realize, as I am typing this, that part of my current state of mojolessness is that, in addition to The-Wonders-Of-Technology and the Intricacies-Of-The-Budget, this winter has also involved The-Packing-Away-Of-My-Stuff. Right now, I can't really pull out my stash to inventory it.


Well no wonder my knitting Mojo boogied off.

Good to know the underlying causes. As Heraclitus says, "All things flow". None of these impediments are going to last forever. The present round of techno efforts are running smoothly and the budget will eventually get unkinked. Space will open up in the house. I'm sure Me 'n Mercury 'n Mars can get things movin'.


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  1. Hmmm...I'd go with the socks, dear heart -- but if the thought of resurrecting unfinished socks won't inspire, perhaps find a lovely new ball of sock yarn and cast on?