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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Secret Sartorial Snooping Shopping Saturday

Of course - now that I am blogging about it, it isn't so secret but I do think I am ready to go poke around some big stores in the city to look at spring clothes.

No. I don't need more clothes. I have mountains of good things to wear - even some newish things. It's just that in spring and fall - I like to look. I want to see what's out there. What's new. Right now I am heartily sick of wool and corduroy and sober shades and tights. My toes want to peep out in coral polish from beneath floral espradrilles. My shoulders want to be lightly covered with cap sleeves. My legs want to be clad in bright colored jeans. And I need a better rain coat. I have one - and it's a bright sunny yellow. But it looks terrible on me. I need something better.

I like to shop with girlfriends too, but then it's all about being with peeps, not about really looking - and selfishly thinking about me me me me me. Scouting missions need to be done alone. Besides - the yarn store in F'burg has sock yarn on sale today. I could pick up some guy colored sock yarn for Christmas gifts.
The garden that was

Or I may stay home and play in the garden. LD has been here this winter and earlier this week he grubbed out all those walnut and sassafras trees and the sumac and blackberries that had choked out everything but the hardiest flowers.  I want to dig up a small vegetable bed this year and slowly increase the beds till I have something like I used to have... only smaller.

There is a tempting stack of New Books and Magazines on the hall table too - I could just stay in bed all day and read. Well. No. I don't believe I could do that because it's too sunny and bright outside - even if it is a bit chilly. Early training still has me believing that if it is not raining outside then I should be Out In The Fresh Air.

Whatever I choose to do - I'm sure it will feel delicious and I'm wishing you a delicious Saturday as well. Ta.

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