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Monday, February 6, 2012

Yes. There is Knitting in TheCastle

January was the Month of Technology with the addition of eBooks to our collection and multiple changes to our library's webpage. This was all on top of the regular January quarterly board meeting and a 10% increases in both items circulated and people walking through the door. It's no wonder I wasn't inspired to finish Brica - with her challenging shoulder seams. That doesn't mean there has been no knitting around TheCastle - but it has been swatching and experimental knitting coupled with sketches and calculations. 
I realize that this knitting project is going to be a major effort - worsted weight stranded color work makes for a very heavy fabric - but I love this - the colors, the speed with which the picture develops the scope for design touches. But it's still a long slow process. The plan is for a swing coat about the length of a car coat. The sleeves will be full with tight cuffs for warmth. I'm not sure if I want to create the width at the bottom via pleats or long narrow triangles - though I'm leaning towards the latter. Pleats in back would look nice on me but pleats in front might give this a maternity look - not what I am aiming for. 
I want to make a straight skirt to wear with this - either in a solid or in a tweed stitch (see Barbara Walker vol. 1) using the main colors. 

More Sweaters: A Riot of Color, Pattern, and FormI adore the two swatches. The flower design is mostly copied from More Sweaters by Lisa Kolstad and Tone Takle - who are my main inspiration. I bought this book used but in very good condition. By now it's looking really used - I love it so.  The bee design is entirely my own and creating that was more fun than should be legal. It was almost like a video game and I can't wait to do more of this sort of charting.
Yes. Brica is whining at me. Knitting a warm pullover sweater in 70 degree weather, though, was particularly unappealing - especially when my head was filled with DRM files and XTML coding, eBooks and iPods. The worst of that is over now - and today there is a hard frost. I will pick up my needles tonight and see if I can finish off that baby.

But now? almost 8? I leave you with this final thought.

How About Them Giants! Yea!!!

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