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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last 3 Day Weekend of the Winter

Yeah. I know. It's also only the second of 2012 - so it's really a matter of perspective - but when it comes to TheQueen's 3-Day Weekends, the year begins in September with Labor Day, filling the months with delightful days off and it slows to a thin trickle of them just as your circadian rhythms have adjusted to at least one 4-day work week each month. The sufferingly long time between February the 20th and Memorial Day stretches through Lent, Easter, gardening, ThePrince's birthday, our anniversary - the legal one - and LD's birthday - all good reasons for kicking up a lark and playing hooky. It's just that .... I must use annual leave to do it. Greedy puss, aren't I?

The important prep for a 3-Day Weekend includes:

  • Leaving a note on your desk at work reminding you of what you have to cram into 4 days next week. In my case that actually must be compressed into 3 days, one of which includes Story Hour and one of which will be shared in close proximity with the auditors.
  • Picking up a good bottle of wine
  • Making sure you have adequate reading material
  • Ditto a knitting project and something from Netflix (yes. I still await the red envelope - remember, TheCastle is in TheSticks)

For this last 3-day weekend of the winter, I am well stocked. Not only do I have a pile of movies, books and even some techno-reading from the library and a delicious Malbec from the local wine shop, but look what came in the mail, at last! Yes! Principles of Knitting - I finally got around to ordering it and while I was at it I picked up that Dover edition of Alice Starmore's color charts. One weekend with the library copy was enough to convince me I needed to own the latter as for POK - I always intended to own that one. Ever since I did the Knitting Guild of America's Master Class - lo 10 years ago! - I have lusted for my own copy. I'm SO glad it's finally arrived.

So yes. I'm ready for three days of bliss - and knitting - and reading - and watching Evil Roy Slade - which carries with it a joyous February memory from TheQueen's long ago and far away youth. A memory that includes her bestest friend from those ages ago days. Yes Robyn. You know it. 

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  1. As I post this mid-weekend, hope yours is turning out just as you'd hoped!