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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Technology Lust

It was bound to happen. I couldn't spend the first 6 weeks of 2012 playing around with websites, youtube, digital cameras, and eBooks without falling victim to it. I am now deep in the throes of technology lust. I want a tablet. I want my perfect tablet though - and so far I am not finding it. I've played with the iPad a little and it made me drool. But I've read some luscious reviews of a few others - and I am leaning slightly towards a Lenovo Thinkpad.

ThinkPad Tablet
And no. I can't justify spending $$ on a gadget/toy so I am trying hard to find legitimate reasons for owning one. I have the cash. I itch to spend. I just need to get over the Puritan hump. With a little effort I may come up with some justifications, but please feel free to leave me any supportive comments, good excuses and defensible reasons you can think of.


  1. Incentive to buy--I just received my Kindle Fire (which you told me to buy). It's charging as I type. You need at tablet--go for it!


  2. I love my kindle fire. Love it. Everyone should have one. It goes with me nearly everywhere, the battery lasts for days (with judicious use of wireless even longer) and I always have something to read and never lose a bookmark to the cat or the dog or dropping the book or other unfortunate book-in-purse type accidents. At the very least, get an e-reader type thing. Having the extra tablet features on the fire is great, I really don't need any more than that.

  3. I still looking at tablets but found, three years ago, a net book made by MSI that turned out to be perfect; this was a good thing because I discovered that I'd rather read books in print.

    The sweater top is beautiful. Your knitting inspires to the point that it may activate my own.