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Monday, February 13, 2012

19 Degrees - First Weekend of Winter

Brrrrrr.  We've been so spoiled with our South Carolina winter that this weekend of  C C C Cold felt weird. It also felt rushed because I spent my Friday off in Richmond going from one eff up to another, worked all day Saturday and got to do the housework on Sunday all the while chasing dogs and husband away with the vacuum cleaner.

It's funny - I don't actually mind housework - and sometimes I actually love it - but I can't stand to do it when anyone else is around. Maybe if I had a maid or a helper I could do this work with an audience, but what I really enjoy about housework; the leisurely caressing of my furniture, the discovery of lost items, the frequent (multitude of?) pauses to read the instruction book for the cell phone or a chapter in a favorite book from my childhood - all these things need to be done alone and in private. They also quickly stretch a 2 hour task into 5. Alas, if I am seen Not Vacuuming by BD, he's right there asking me to listen to this or take a walk or don't I want to sit down and hear a poem??? A girlfriend once commented "If I have the flu and my husband sees me on the way to the bathroom to throw up he'll say "Oh good. You're up. What's for dinner?" I knew exactly what she meant.

So then it was back to werk on Monday without that rested feeling a whole weekend, with it's familiar, refreshing housework-Saturday and family-time-Sunday. I also went back without a current knitting project. I'm just undecided about what is next. Of course, there are always socks - but I can hardly count socks as a project. And no. I haven't finished Brica either. Baaaaad Knitter. I am blaming it on not enough cold weather till it's too much cold weather. I am actually ready for spring.

My cute little pedometer came on Thursday and I am trying to use it. I have a problem with all pedometers, though, because I don't wear a belt. This one specifically says "Don't wear with soft loose clothing - I am thinking, sweat pants? How many people like to walk in sweatpants -  everybody? But I will persevere. I've never had a pedometer that I really believed.

And even though this one promises rewards, I think most of them are apps for mobile devices I don't own anyway. They also offer some sort of wrist band monitor and I was really torn between the two - but there is something about actually getting to 10,000 steps in a day that boggles my mind. Can anybody really do that? or rather - can I really do that?

The replacement cell phone also came in on Thursday and not a moment too soon - because while in the Kroger parking lot in Hanover, after dark, somebody wanted to listen to the radio and ran the very shaky, 6 year old battery down. Fortunately I had slipped the new phone I hardly know how to operate into my purse. Also fortunately, ThePrince had his AAA card.

So. Altogether an unsettling weekend. Mars will soon be going forward again, though, so I expect More Progress all around. May your Monday bring you More too - more of whatever you want.

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