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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Cold

This has been a Castle of Ill Health for over a week now but it was not till Tuesday that I had to shoulder (or rather - throat & lung) my share of it. BD sprained his ankle about 10 days ago - badly enough to justify a doctor visit - where he also had a temperature and sore throat. 7 days later the sore throat had migrated across the pillows into my body and today I have that heavy chest feeling that presages TheDreadBronchitis. I am about to depart on a vacation with sister and family and now I'm trying to decide if I need the intervention of Medical Science and Chemistry or if I can tough this out with Zyrtec and Flonaise. Not sure there is anything to prescribe until the lungs get infected. It seems stupid to wish for a quick infection just so I can justify bothering a doctor. When oh when are we going to get the home version of a Star Trek medical scanner so I can make good informed decisions?

I'm really bummed about this, especially since I have made it a year without a bout of chest crud and I'd forgotten about getting sick and having my lovely, well organized, productive life tampered with. I'm not exactly sure a doctor would prescribe anything for me.

So. I will let today roll past and if I'm not better, or ugh, even worse tomorrow, I'll make a crack-o-dawn call to the medical man and see if he can help me.

Other interesting things have been happening in TheCastle, but alas, none of them are knitting nor  have any of them been photographed. I really ought to have taken before and after photos of my now sparkling clean kitchen cabinets, but I'm too ashamed to let anybody know how really bad they had gotten. My huge fan base will have to just wait a little longer for interesting content. You all know I love you. Ta.


  1. trade ya, or maybe not. lol Get will soon!

  2. Do hope you'll feel better soon and be able to go on your holiday. Yep, antibiotics it is, eh, and lots of liquids and *sleep*!