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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back from the Beach

Sigh. I can't believe the beach vacation I'd waited so long to take is now a thing of the past and the present I'm living in right now is so hectic I hardly have time to reflect upon it's many treasures. I knew taking a vacation the week before Summer Reading Clubs begin at the library was pushing things mighty close to the edge, but that was the only week we could all agree to cluster and even with months of planning several people we'd hoped to have with us had to cry off - including ThePrince (Consort) and LD. In addition, I caught a wicked cold that resisted naps, flonaise, and lots of fluids. I am coughing still and tempted to call in professional help if the tightness in my chest continues. Nonetheless, we managed to squeeze out some fun ... Joke. We had a blast. 
The weather was surprisingly good - if cool. Certainly no long days of rain imprisoned us. Some mornings were cloudy with a little drizzle but I never used either an umbrella or raincoat. The first few days at the ocean were so calm you'd think the very earth was meditating.

Later in the week big winds churned up even bigger waves. The beach was closed to swimming on Friday and it probably should have been on Thursday. The closest I got to diving in on either day was a splashy walk along the shore's edge. 

There was lots of time to spend with family - new and old! Love me some nephews, nieces and great nephews!

Looks like the wild seas brought out the teenager in some folk - it certainly allowed me to wax nostalgic about shaggin' on the beach. Looks like it did the same for sis.

We are no dummies, though - and knew better than to brave the tunnels in Norfolk on a summer Saturday - so BH and I convoyed west below the Dismal Swamp and took the Jamestown Ferry home. Of course ... that such a route home took us past the Williamsburg outlets had nothing to do with our decision ... And yes - there was Other Shopping Therapy on this vacation, but I will worry about my Visa bill in July ... at Tara.

All in all it was a lovely beach vacation that will be a treat to look back on - when I make it through the madness that is summer reading in the library. When it's the end of August. When I will need another vacation.

Happy Hump Day!

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