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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Creativity Has Many Outlets or Why You Don't See Any Knitting

It's true - I have done precious little knitting over the past few weeks. I came to a trouble spot in a garment I was making. I developed bursitis in my wrist. I got crazy busy at work. I was singularly uninspired to do much of anything while on vacation. Knitting, while fun and creative and an important part of my life, requires thought on my part - unless I'm knitting a sock and I haven't been in the mood for that lately. I actually have some very yellow silk yarn on size 4 needles but it is not at a good point for photography. Possibly it will be sometime in July. Then again - possibly it shall not. 

No fear - though. Creativity comes in may guises and TheQueen is exercising hers all over the place. It can be as simple as taking a photograph or as complex as learning new software so you can teach your teen-aged staff how to teach middle school students how to make video ads for the library. 

Here is the apple tree in our side yard - a sick apple tree, alas, but still with a few apples ripening on it's furthest limbs. Obviously it has been possessed by a dryad.
 Here is a double photo of TheQueen's shadow  and reflection in the Mattaponi River.
And here are my traveling companions - ThePrince (Consort) and Cousin F.

So you see - there has been no dearth of creativity - merely a shift in its focus. Monday the creative juices will flow straight up to the bathroom - as Men with Tools arrive to take away the old tiles, enamel-less tub, cracked sink and worn flooring in order to build a brand new bathroom in TheCastle. Photos will be posted - but not today since TheQueen must empty the bathroom and the knee-wall cabinet of all the clutter and litter she has collected in 30 years - a collection to rival the attics of Windsor, I am sure.

Let us pray for cool temperatures and low humidity - because we know we are also going to be getting dust and paint smells.


1 comment:

  1. Yikes! Get well!

    Your tree has that dryad look, duck-like lips and some spooky eyes, egad!

    Nice bright look to the blog, too, love it! And I'm soooo interested in seeing the new Castle adornments. whoot!