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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Resonating with the Christmas thrum

It's just a week away - and the festivities are piling up around TheCastle making the air fairly sing with the joy of the season. I simply love Christmas. When I hear people say "Christmas is for children" in that faintly dismissive tone, implying they have long since decided to not be impressed by anything so glittering and fragrant, I ignore them. Because in a way, they are right - Christmas is for the child in my spirit - the one who thinks that tomorrow, who knows, something so wonderful could happen that I might just fall down in a heap of ecstasy. Who knows? It could happen.

And when I hear that Christmas has been diminished in some way - too commercial, lost its real spirit, too stressful - well. I always think "For you maybe. Not for me." I don't say so, because I really do believe that people have the right to be miserable if they want to. I never am. Even this year, when I have lost some beloved ones, when I would give all I possess to pat my bed and invite Priss up for a cuddle - when I could take my Daddy a funny Christmas present and see him sit and laugh, silently, with those twinkly eyes - even this year is still rich and sweet and vibrating with possibilities. To quote Ferroll Sams "I still have more on this side of the Jordan" and isn't that a wonderful thought?

 Yesterday was the Day Of The Tree - and it was the best tree hunt we've ever had, resulting in the absolutely best tree we've ever put up!

Everyone helps to choose but it is BD, ThePrince himself, who does all the hard labor in the beginning - from bringing it home ...

To setting it up.....

 To stringing the lights - after which he and his helper take a well earned rest - and sip an eggnog.

Well - Jack did not get any eggnog.

We girls do the ornament hanging - and this year I had help - which made the job more fun and easier too!
Ornaments from BD's childhood, LD's own handicraft and of course - birds selected by TheQueen. There is still more decorating to do, for the icicles aren't on it yet and there may still be some gaps that need to be filled with ornaments who've been strung on long dangling threads.

There is also Christmas Knitting in an amazing yarn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks - in a blue to jolt you awake and a plied yarn in a blend of merino, cashmere and silk that really shows stitches off at their crisply perfect best. And it's worsted weight and it is Not Socks. It is for BD who won't read this blog anyway so I can show you a picture.

Looks  like a  skirt for a stuffed animal, doesn't it. I'll post a photo of the finished object sometime soon.

Today there will be More Christmas Decorating and More Christmas Knitting and maybe More Christmas Movie Watching. It's a grey day that looks just right for staying cozily indoors making preparations. I am thinking it's time to make candied grapefruit peel ....

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