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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Knitting Homesickness and Sunday Activities

Yes. I am homesick for my regular knitting. December is Christmas knitting and I have socks growing from my #2's but I am missing my Bricca. Sigh. This is how I left her - wait! No! I'd finished that second sleeve. But since then I have been industriously stitching away on guy stuff. I have a little time today - because I was such a good girl yesterday and got the grubby kitchen cleaned - Maybe I'll pull her out and caress her a bit. I want her finished by the first 2 weeks of January because there is an Aran Tweed Sweater, completely unassembled in the guest/stash/junk room. It longs to be worn this year, though I suspect we'll need an awfully cold May if I am really going to get to wear it before next fall. After all - it's cables! S L O W knitting at best. Moribund if I am not diligent.

Happily, Bricca is now at the all circular stockinette stitch stage - she'll finish up fast.

And there is a lacy cap sleeved cardigan to toss over my shoulders at garden parties and soirees this summer (who am I kidding - it's so freakin' hot here in the summer I wish I could take my skin off). Still - I want a little lace cardigan and I want it from this Orihime lace weight merino/cashmere blend from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. Pretty, no? And are we seeing a pattern in the color choices at TheCastle.

It's a gorgeously blue day and I will be going out into the woods to gather decorative greenery. Unlike the fabulous houses I visited last weekend, I have done nothing to decorate for Christmas. But I have everything except boxwood right here in my yard and the near by woods. I'll pick and tie and drape and at least the front door will look festive.

As for the rest of my family - I believe a sailboat will be hauled today - and perhaps some firewood chopped - I am hoping they'll be chore free in time to go with me to St. John's to hear the Lessons in Carols but I did not get avid enthusiasm from either when I mentioned this. I'm far more likely to come home and find this scene from last night repeated.

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