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Friday, November 4, 2011

Winging it in the dark

Friday, Nov 4th, 2011 -- A business partnership or friendship can seem a bit weird today if one of you suddenly refuses to play by the regular rules. If someone unexpectedly cancels a social engagement, try not to make a really big deal of it. Rolling with unexpected changes can turn disappointment into enthusiasm. Remain flexible and you might be happily surprised with the outcome

That's in my stars today - which makes me slightly nervous. We're trying to set up eBooks in our library - note, I don't say we're trying to buy eBooks for the library. One doesn't just buy them. One has to Set Them Up and that means lots of opportunities for technology to trip you. I know small bits of techie stuff, but XML HTTP code writing isn't part of my knowledge base. Today is the deadline for making our library card barcodes talk nicely with the Overdrive servers and I haven't succeeded yet. bleh.

I don't usually wish Fridays were Thursdays but now and then I do - like today for instance. 

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