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Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Friday before the Frenzy

Now and then during the year, when I'm working the front desk at the library - I like to tease people as I'm stamping their books (yes - we still do that) by saying "Only _x__ more days till Christmas". Usually the victim of my teasing groans - too bad - because I think the holiday season is a lot of fun.  Circulation Desk staff are always looking at a date that's 3 weeks ahead and, at least in my case, it makes me more intensely aware of time passing. A month has just begun and already I'm looking at the next month.

Still - there comes a time when holiday seasons really are nigh and that time is right now! It's the Friday before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I'll do my annual turkey shopping - buying the basic ingredients for the feast. There will be added fun shopping because our last farmer's market of 2011 will be held in the morning. I'll have my little Cousin F visiting and we'll hit both the grocery store and the market together. In addition to the Thursday Feast Cooking, we're going to bake a coconut cake. I've had a hankering for one for about a month - a cake I've never actually tasted - one where both the cake and the frosting taste like coconut - not just a yellow cake that has coconut sprinkled on it. Something more like a carrot cake in texture but lighter than that. It's just something I think ought to be and we're going to see if we can make it happen.

We're also going to do a special arts'n'crafts project I have in mind that shall be revealed later.

I'm facing aNother deadline - the annual statistical report due to the state library. This is an 8 hour project but one has to not only have 8 solid hours to devote to it but must then force oneself to stick to those 8 hours 'till it's done. This year has been particularly difficult for me because I think there are errors in it. We can see last year's entries as we're putting in this year's and I am seeing things I can't imagine I ever entered last year. Like - we don't have any downloadable audio books and never have. Why should it say we have 1,400 of 'em?

Well - whatever the answer to that mystery question, by golly it gets sent in today period. I want that off my plate before next week.

I've set Bricca aside this week - I shall pick her up again on Sunday or maybe Wednesday - when I have a day off. A blessed day carved out of time that the county supervisors are giving us (thank you very much) and which I shall spend doing last minute tidying up, baking a pie, and knitting. Both sleeves are done - a little more body knitting to do before I join them. Photos in about a week.


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