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Monday, November 7, 2011

Normal Time and 1 Progress Photo

I absolutely love it when daylight savings time goes away. I can't understand why anybody wants to tinker with time anyway. If noon is when the sun is directly overhead - for goodness sake! what sort of hubris-like overload is going on when we say it's an hour later?

Of course -  TheQueen considers sleeping a recreational activity and that being up at dawn is the Right Thing To Do - a personality type that is at war with DST. The party-all-nighters probably think I'm crazy, but We Morning People know we're superior.

Why yes. I did marry a night owl... why do you ask? We met on the stairs, of course.

So please know I'm teasing about this - I will accept that the world needs both kinds.... (mutter mutter mutter).

The weekend was beautiful - a pretty sunshiny Saturday and a Sunday that grew into its name. Since ThePrince and I have never been to the Urbana Oyster Festival we thought this would be the year to go. I had forgotten why I had never been tempted before till we got to the parking space - where they were charging $20 to park. Then I remembered. Of course I understand why it costs so much to park. I completely agree with what the UOF committee is trying to do. I wish them every success in their fundraising efforts. I completely understand why they need to ferry folk in and out of that tiny little town. I understand what that costs. I just didn't want to spend that kind of money. I know for sure that each oyster would cost about $1 and when it comes to eating oysters ... I like my own oyster cooking just fine and for $25 I can buy a quart of good ones. So that's what we did - drove home, stopped at TBonz and Tuna - and we had Oyster Pie and home fried oysters for Saturday night dinner.

Me - when I could eat 2 pans of biscuits
It's been a looooooong time since I've cooked anything with a biscuit crust - or cooked any biscuits at all,  for that matter. Time was I would bake a pan of biscuits for dinner - eat them all - and then bake another pan for dinner. Really fine biscuits are a taste from heaven - wheaty, fluffy, with a steamy rich smell. They don't even need to be buttered. Of course - real biscuits can only be made with lard - which, for geezers with heart issues - is what? the Sweat of Satan. But for flavor - only the real stuff will do. And with Thanksgiving on the horizon and pumpkin pies waiting up ahead I'd bought some lard the last time I was at the grocery store ... because Everyone knows you can't make decent pie crust without lard ... except if you're making puff pastry, which calls for butter, so ... what's the difference? Both of them are sure artery cloggers. Eh. It's just once a year.

Yup. It was as good as I remembered. Sigh.

The rest of the weekend was spent pretty much puttering around. And trekking through the woods with BD He's been working hard clearing paths and trying to get the big trees cut into firewood before the farmer needs to harvest beans or put in wheat. It's a scramble because the ground has been too wet to drive the truck up to those trees. But we've got a heap big pile of firewood for the winter.

I did get in some knitting - though somehow I managed to let 6 stitches slide off the needle right where the only complicated cable cross is on this pattern and had to rip out 2 inches of sleeve... but here is a shot of what I've done so far on Bricca. Perhaps you can imagine the missing bits. I'll plug away on that second sleeve (13 inches of stockinette) and try to reach the underarm joins by the end of next weekend. It's a 3-Day one happily - there may be some extra knitting time.

Otherwise - it's almost 8 - time to get ready for work. Happy Monday.


  1. Oh, how I agree with you on the time change! I get up at 4:30 or to work at 7 welcome it is to drive to work in the LIGHT for a change.

    (That extra hour of sleep over the weekend didn't hurt my mood any, either.)

  2. I confess I skimmed till I got to the photo of The Knitting. Yummy! And very regal! Empire waist, perchance? Love those cathedral cables!