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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Day Irene

We're in the dark green area of VA, right in the middle of the coastline. But I suspect we're at the western edge of the storm's real path. We have water. We have oil lamps and batteries. We always have way too many canned goods because the frugal Virgo in me is always 'stocking up' anyway. True. I may have to eat tuna and pineapple with okra&tomatoes but I need to use some of that stuff up anyway. I have my New Green Yarn from Dog House Yarns (more about that in a soon-to-be published post)

Honestly, the only thing I don't like about losing power is that I can't take showers or wash my hands as often as I like. Otherwise I <3 storms. I know. I shouldn't. It's definitely not P.C. But I love 'em. Weather is one of my favorite things. Big weather. Not so much tracking and predicting it or even studying the science of it, but just experiencing it. It pumps me up. It energizes me. Heck. I did a whole Saturday house clean after work yesterday! Yup. Love me some Wild Weather.

Of course - I also didn't want to be ... as a friend put it ... "sitting in a humid house o' doghair " 

[Image of probabilities of tropical storm force winds]Here is more science - we're in the 60% band. And now I hear the rain. Where are my knitting needles? 


  1. While continuing to pray for your safety, Dear Heart, I'm with you -- I love being in a blizzard, knowing I am safe, warm, dry, and have enough canned goods to last for a while! Last winter I was snow-bound three times -- twice for 4 days and once for 5 -- always over a weekend, doncha know! -- and it got a bit psychologically squirelly by day 4, but...yep. Love me a bit of Wild Weather, too.

  2. I think I can understand the kind of energised excitment you are talking about. While I haven't experienced any really big storms (we don't have hurricanes or huge snow storms here) I LOVE electrical storms! The crash of the thunder sends thrills down my spine! That being said, I do hope you are all ok.