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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Change in the Weather

Even though it's still fairly early in August - and the half way point between the solstice and the equinox was less than a week ago - the change is palpable. Night falls earlier and the day's pink dawn comes after I wake up - and we all know what an early riser I am. This week the afternoon highs have still climbed into the 90's - though after all the weeks of triple digit temperatures, a mere 95 degrees doesn't feel all that bad. Of course, everybody knows it's not the heat - it's the humidity. And this week it hasn't been too bad, but today we are promised even cooler temperatures and I, for one, am looking forward to sleeping beneath a blanket. A lightweight summer sort of blanket, but yeah - I'm ready for the change.

Change. Funny how you can love change or hate it. I'm still getting used to the change in myself now that Daddy's gone. I can't believe how often the thought flashes by "Oh - I'll tell Daddy about this next time I call him...." Only, of course, I won't. I can't believe how often he is the topic of my conversation - a part, I am sure, of my grieving process. I can't believe, either, how much time I have now that I'm not doing my tiny bit to help sister take care of him, either. Lord he took up a lot of our days. So, while I hate the change in my status (as one generation away from being one of the Old Guyz) there is a wee tiny upside to it too.

There is a change in the routine at work too. A change in the staff - with one young person leaving and one new person coming in. And of course, there is the change from madhouse days filled with eager young readers to less madhouse days filled with fewer eager readers ... as families take August vacations. The workload lessens in August, if only a little. It will crank up again in September, when everybody is feeling busier and the days left to fulfill any improving resolutions one made way back in January get compressed into the holiday quarter of the year.

Since it's still early August, TheReunion is upon us and there will be a change in that this year as well. BH won't be here to serve as hostess and I'm not sure if we've got a stand-in for her. I won't do it because I'm just an in-law, though I am always glad to do behind the scenes tasks. A cousin has been asked, but only via his (also married into the family) wife and their phone line is down and Verizon is on strike - so who knows. Maybe. I am sure I can chivy someone this Saturday, if it comes to that, but sheesh!

I'm expecting a much smaller crowd this year and that too will be a change. Unless some of the huge North Carolina contingent shows up I don't expect more than 50 people. That is a nice sized crowd, but it's also a little sad to realize that change is inevitable with TheReunion too. At this point, the oldest layer of offspring are the great-grandchildren and they have begun to peel off.

Still and all - it's impossible for me to feel blue when there is weather change. This summer we have been very lucky with rainfall but it's still been hot as ... you fill in the blank. I'm ready for days when it feels good to turn the oven on - and when I'll want to eat what comes out of it. I'm ready for cricket serenades! I look forward to sweaters!! Wearing them and knitting on them too. In fact - I believe I have a wee bit of time this morning. I think I'll take a peek in my stash and see what sweater I might want to knit this fall.

Mushroom photos gratis.

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  1. this year........ i can't wait for fall either.......(ahem, sorry that's every year)