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Thursday, July 28, 2011

There is Knitting

Lace knitting at that. But only a wee little bit of it. I've got company. I'm also still a little stupid after Daddy's death. Work was wildly busy up till Tuesday. And this is a lovely lace pattern, but the repeats are hard for me to remember. Thankfully (?) I will be knitting 80 more of them so I ought to learn it sometime. It's from Victorian Lace Today but I'm making a rectangular scarf instead of a semi-circular shawl.


  1. Baby steps are a good place to start and that beautiful green yarn should be very therapeutic for a healing heart.

  2. A hug for you and your lace, for your memories and the greening of life all around, including your yarn, and for the warmth that will be that lovely, healing scarf. :-)